The locksmith eyed this birdfeeder and mentioned it might attract more bears than birds...oops.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Today I picked blackberries and a rooster crowed while I was gathering for my fact, he crowed the whole time. The sun was way up, and there wasn't any reason to crow, so I guess he just wanted to hear himself. I wonder if the other chickens were like, "Shut UP already!"

And..a dog down the lane tried to attack me. She growled and barked, which is fine, but then.....she began snarling and her back hair rose up like Cujo and she started lunging WHILE she snarled and frothed at the mouth.

 I actually got scared. I thought about throwing my blackberries at her, but I really wanted that cobbler. Betty White would have just sprayed her in the face with mace and kept picking berries. I gotta get some mace... Thanks Dirk for saving my life!

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