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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th in Ellijay!

Last evening we went to downtown Ellijay and attended the 4th of July parade. It was a far cry from the parade we usually attend in PTC, where folks are claiming dibs on spots literally the day before. Here, folks moseyed up an hour before the parade and set up their lawn chairs. The parade was made up of fire trucks, boy scout troops, local search and rescue dogs and the local famous barbeque restaurant represented by a little yellow car 'oinking' as it went around the roundabout.

There was a flatbed float with elderly ladies sitting next to black and white photos of loved ones from WWII, and there was also a float with the local mentally challenged adults waving as they said the Pledge of Allegiance. We ate our chili dogs and drank Dr. Pepper and waved to the smiling parade participants, so thankful we weren't having to dodge frenzied children risking their lives for candy.

This was what 4th of July parades should be...local folks celebrating soldiers, old folks and boyscouts with the odd oinking car thrown in. Next year, though, I'll leave off the chili dog...

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