The locksmith eyed this birdfeeder and mentioned it might attract more bears than birds...oops.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mr. Nub

It seems there's a new fresh organic locally-grown fairtrade fruit and vegetable market opening in every town nowadays. All the suburban families pull up in their hybrid Hondas and peel off twenties to purchase organic cage-free chickens and rosemary/lavender blocks of soap.

I'm thrilled these places are popping up like weeds, but let's not forget who set the example for these oh-so-quaint and cute markets. The local farmer. His stand is a mess of wooden crates,corn husks and handmade signs. There's usually some homemade fig preserves for sale and most likely some mason jars of rattlesnake beans hidden away for his special customers.

The stand wouldn't pass a health department test and you might step on a snake, but thank the Lord for farmers. Next time you drive by a true farmer's stand, stop and spend a few dollars. They might not be the prettiest 'canlops' you've ever seen, but I guarantee they'll be the freshest!

Nub's is really puttin' on the dog with his new fancy sign!

Bless his sweet, ever lovin' heart. I asked him once where he got the nickname, 'Nub' and he lifted up a stump where there once was a finger. Publix could only hope for that kind of branding... (although Mama once referred to it as 'Pubic's', it's just not the same)

So fresh corn tonight for dinner...and hopefully I won't hear rattling from inside the brown paper bag. ( Last time there were apparently some of those big ol' corn worms that live in the tassels. I had to quickly run outside with the bag at arm's length and throw all the corn on the deck table.)

*It's been years since I wrote this blog post and Nub has since passed on to the great By and By. I think of him every single time I drive past his spot on Highway 54. God Speed Nub. Have some rattle snake beans waiting for me when I get there.


  1. The best thing about reading what you have written is that I can hear you speaking as I read . . . you make me laugh!!

  2. I love this post. Especially your closing shot. So genuine.