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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's that you said?

I like to find opportunities to use big words. Long, unusual words or sometimes those words people like Martha Stewart would use which would make me squint my eyes and say, "Dangit", because I didn't know the meaning and no one likes it when Martha Stewart can get their goat.

Also, using fancy new words keeps the mind sharp and makes people think you're smart...just in case they were wondering.
"Was that Dana just now, driving with her purse on the roof of her car? Bless her heart."
"Nah, couldn't be. I heard her say, 'disambiguate' last week. Must've been someone else."

Most folks only use 2000-3000 different words. Think how much more ingenious and aesthetic our day would be if we used creative words! Why just today I was looking for an opportunity to use 'apropos'. It means 'opportune, fitting, at the right time'. I love how it just flows off the tongue and sounds very French.

So, this morning I was cleaning out the kitty litter box and the darndest thing. Oh...wait. I probably should issue a disclaimer here. The following description may contain offensive and unappetizing visuals. Proceed with caution.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how...but our kitties 'create' things in the litter box. Their tee-tee makes arts and crafts in the litter. I once found a fish, with a dorsal fin, perfectly shaped tail fins and a little blue eye. It's hard to scoop and throw something like that away. We kept it and looked at it for about a week, saying, "well, I'll be" then finally threw it out.

This morning, I started to scoop, and there it was. A big 'T'. I've never seen a letter in the litter but sure as shootin' it was a 'T'. I pondered this for a while, wondering what it meant. And then it hit me! How apropos! Their tee-tee made a 'T', ha! Such smart kitties. (and yes, I broke it a bit when I started to scoop and had to reposition it for the photo op)

Tomorrow I shall look for my opportunity to say 'contumacious' but I might need to wait for Dirk to get home. (just kidding Dirk, ha!)

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