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Monday, September 24, 2012

Why are you still looking?

Originally written: Feb. 9, 2008

"Where did you put my wedding band?" my husband asked.

 I had forgotten to pick up his ring from his office desk and place it in the change and keys dish in the bedroom.  He spent the better part of the morning clearing off his work desk, checking under furniture, moving files...the ring HAD to be somewhere. 
I checked my jeans' pockets, various favorite 'set-down' places, but no ring.  We suspiciously eyed the cats and wondered where their stolen stuff pile was. 
After three hours of tearing apart the house, my husband finally went outside to sift through the trash, one soggy piece at at time. 

 I was in the bedroom and remembered something my mama taught me years ago.  If you lose something, go back to the place where it should be and look again.  And again.  

So I went to his little glass dish and moved aside the keys, half a roll of Tums, a pen knife....and there was the ring. 

 I took the plate and asked him to look again, and he actually moved it aside before seeing it. 
His eyes looked at the ring, but didn't SEE the ring.  Oh many things do I think are out of my reach, or withheld from me yet they're sitting right where you placed them.  Right in front of my eyes.  Open my eyes God... 

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